I’m sure some of my followers remember seeing my posts about Clarke, the stray cat my girlfriend and I took in three months ago. For those who don’t know, we heard him meowing underneath a car on a cold winter night and took him in to give him some food. He was badly injured and bony thin, but a couple of weeks with us and he was feeling much better. We were hoping he’d get along with my girlfriend’s cat (we kept them separated in case of disease) so we got Clarke fixed and tested, only to find out he has the Feline Leukemia Virus, or FeLV. (There’s no cure and no real treatment.)

We couldn’t risk infecting my girlfriend’s cat (he’s been tested and he’s still healthy) and keeping Clarke locked in my bedroom and only letting him out once in a while isn’t much of a life.

We want to give him a second chance at life. Cats with FeLV, with the right care, can often live many happy years after their infection, and we want that for Clarke. He’s a loving cat full of life and energy and we can’t see him put down or released back into the city (to infect other cats.) Clarke meows for me every time I come home, and when he looks out the window and sees me leaving, he meows for me to come back. He loves to cuddle and fall asleep in our laps and comforts us when we’re feeling down. He’s an amazing cat who managed to survive the city as a kitten, and he deserves a second chance at life.

We’re trying to raise a $1,000 donation to the local cat sanctuary in Grand Rapids, MI. They’re currently over cat capacity and don’t have the resources to admit any more strays. We’re hoping this donation can help them purchase the food, medical care, and space that Clarke needs to live with them, and then Clarke can have a longer, more fulfilling life.

Please consider donating to the GoFundMe page I’ve set up. My girlfriend and I are broke college students who are lucky to have twenty bucks to our name, and there’s no way we could get this money for Clarke without your help. The three of us would be so grateful for your support. If you’re unable to donate, please consider reblogging this so we can reach our goal. Thank you!




Surgeon Simulator Commentary - CoPlay

Matt and Rook play some Surgeon Simulator 2013 for the PC! Today they learn how to perform a simple heart transplant.. the hard way.

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So I know this isn’t really relevant to this blog, but if you guys could check out this channel that my friend and I started, we’d really appreciate it!